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Solving complex problems.

Empowering data-driven impact.

We consult with government, private sector and non-profit clients to deliver data-led innovations that strengthen health, education and social protection systems in fragile and low-resource settings.

Our past projects and their impact

What We Do

We work locally to deliver scalable, sustainable solutions and digital systems that propel countries towards their development goals.
  • Education

  • Health

  • Cash Assistance

  • Public Sector Reform



We build and support education transformation that drives access for all, improves quality learning and builds accountability through stronger systems.

See our approach to education



We assist national level health authorities in strengthening their health workforce management through consultations, surveys and management information systems.

See our work in health care


Cash Assistance

We create systems using appropriate technology for at-scale cash support to reach those who need it.

See our work in cash assistance


Public Sector Reform

With expertise in the technology, public finance management and basic service delivery contexts where we live and work, we collaborate with government partners to identify, advise, and act on opportunities for public sector reform.

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Our impact

Tripling of school enrolment in South Sudan, with girls’ enrolment rising from under 40% to over 45%

CGA’s South Sudan Schools’ Attendance Monitoring System ( collects real-time information on over 2.7 million pupils per year, underpinning the national school grants, girls’ cash transfers, and teacher incentive programmes that we designed for the Government of the Republic of South Sudan.

Our People

Our team consists of passionate and pragmatic national and international staff who support the development of the countries and regions where we work.

Our Team

Where We Work

Positive business, ethics and conduct

We believe that our work should help, not harm and that it should deliver for the poor with the best possible value for money. We help governments and others organise themselves with integrity and transparency, and we too are committed to running an ethical business. If you are worried about something that doesn’t seem right about a project we work on, or about one of our team, you are welcome to email:

  • Enquiries[at] to reach our MD and central team
  • Safeguarding[at] if your concern is about safeguarding or protection, to reach our Safeguarding Coordinator
  • Audit[at] if your concern is anti-fraud, anti-corruption, or development value-for-money related, to reach the non-executive Chair of our Audit Committee

Or you can contact our parent company’s independent, third party Ethics Hotline.

Read more about our ethics policies and procedures

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Explore our projects and impact

We work locally to deliver scalable and sustainable technology systems that propel countries toward their development goals

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CGA offers career opportunities for caring, energetic individuals who wish to make a difference in our world.

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