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Technical support to design a child benefit social cash transfer system for the Central African Republic (CAR)

The Central African Republic (CAR) is ranked second to last in terms of Human Development Index, has the lowest life expectancy at birth in the world (estimated at 52.8 years) and around 10% of the children do not reach the age of five. On average, 18% of the population earns less than CFAF 10,000 (US$18) per month.

The growing needs for social protection coverage of the country’s most vulnerable households, enhanced by the socioeconomic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, led UNICEF to increase social protection efforts. This included rolling-out a child benefit programme to provide practical entry points to start addressing government capacity in the social protection sector, through a parallel strengthening of delivery systems, coordination capacity, and reinvigorating the policy dialogue around the national social protection policy.

As part of the programme, a strategy will be designed to ensure that the medium-term agenda of strengthening government delivery systems and overall social protection capacity is informed and driven by the delivery systems put in place for the child benefit programme.

Country/Region: Central African Republic
Dates/Duration: 2021 - 2022
Clients: UNICEF

Key Activities

To kick-start this process, UNICEF contracted CGA Technologies to:

  1. Design the child benefit social cash transfer programme, including implementation arrangements;
  2. Develop the overarching parameters of a research strategy and a set of research questions to assess the impact and implementation of cash transfers on a range of child vulnerability factors, and to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of an additional package of social workers focused on supporting families to access social services; and,
  3. Develop a strategy and accompanying five-year action plan to optimise the use of the child benefit programme roll-out to develop and strengthen the basic building blocks of a national social protection system in CAR.



By end of 2021, CGA designed the child benefit social cash transfer programme, dividing the programme in different components (i.e. A-Targeting, B-Enrolment, C-Transfers, D-GRM, E-Information Management, F-Operations). Each component has been managed by a technical lead, allowing simultaneous and rapid progress on different aspects of the programme design.