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What We Do

We specialise in developing practical management systems for governments and supporting organisations to deliver basic services more effectively with disaggregate and near-real-time accountability, transparency and results data. And we train civil servants and others to effectively use and maintain those systems. Our technology facilitates cash transfers for education, health and social protection; tracks school attendance and health records; and supports government ministries with payroll and Human Resource systems.


We build and support education transformation that drives access for all, improves quality learning and builds accountability through stronger systems.

See our approach to education


We assist national level health authorities in strengthening their health workforce management through consultations, surveys and management information systems.

See our work in health care

Cash Assistance

We create systems using appropriate technology for at-scale cash support to reach those who need it.

See our work in cash assistance

Public Sector Reform

With expertise in the technology, public finance management and basic service delivery contexts where we live and work, we collaborate with government partners to identify, advise, and act on opportunities for public sector reform.

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Where We Work

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