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Wi De Ya, One Tablet Per School, Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has contracted CGA Technologies to design, pilot, and monitor a national school-based attendance monitoring system for teachers and pupil under One Tablet Per School (OTPS).

The project follows – and builds upon – CGAs successful design and implementation of a pilot teacher attendance monitoring system in 2020. The enhanced attendance monitoring system will enable the TSC and Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) to:

· Increase transparency and accountability in the teaching service, strengthen teacher management, and improve the integrity of the teacher payroll
· Monitor pupil retention and drop-out, and identify and target individual learners requiring support.

It is part of the Government of Sierra Leone’s ongoing efforts to improve the education system, teaching practices, and learning outcomes under the 2018 Free Quality School Education (FQSE) policy.

Key Activities

CGA will upgrade the Android-based app developed for the Sierra Leone Education Attendance Monitoring System (SLEAMS) pilot to report teacher, pupil and school data. 

The app, which functions on- and off-line, will synchronise with a secure cloud-based database where managers and decision-makers will be able to monitor and analyse reporting, teacher and pupil attendance, and HR data, depending on access rights. The database will also link to a public facing website with an upgraded dashboard displaying key non-personal data.

The system will integrate with other relevant systems including the TSC Teacher Records Management (TRM) system developed by CGA in 2019, which holds and analyses teacher payroll data and scanned teacher personnel records. 

Each School Leader will have a tablet pre-loaded with the upgraded SLEAMS app and teacher data. Each term they will be required to add pupil enrolment data, reconcile and update teacher data drawn from the TRM and payroll, and add any non-payroll teachers. Each day they will record teacher attendance, using biometrics, and pupil attendance from the daily register. They will also use the app to record if anyone is experiencing covid symptoms. District TSC and MBSSE teams will conduct regular spot checks to verify data collected. 


CGA will conduct a pre-pilot to test the system across a small number of schools in Western Area, a pilot to provide a more substantial test of the system to begin to involve district staff in 60 schools, and a scale up to 300 schools. Extensive and tailored training will be provided aimed at building capacity and ownership with officials and School Leaders using a variety of methods.

Outputs and Resources

  • Wi De Ya: Empowering Education Transformation in Sierra Leone

    Wi De Ya has provided unprecedented new insights into primary education in Sierra Leone. This 2 page summary highlights the most significant of these insights and the breadth of possibilities provided by Wi De Ya to improve education.

    Download the Wi De Ya summary
  • Wi De Ya, One Tablet Per School: FINAL PROJECT REPORT 2022/23

    The Wi De Ya One Tablet Per School: Final Project Report 2022/23 provides detailed analysis of school, learner, teacher and attendance data collected during the rollout of Wi De Ya to 300 primary schools in Sierra Leone. These unprecedented insights into primary education provide substantial opportunities for the Teaching Service Commission and Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education to make data led decisions to improve the education system, teaching practices, and learning outcomes.

    Download the Wi De Ya Final Project Report 2022/23


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