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National Out of School Children (OOSC) Strategy

Since 2018 Sierra Leone has made great progress in education with the introduction of Free Quality Secondary Education, leading to a 48% increase in secondary school enrolment, and the launch the National Policy on Radical Inclusion in Schools. Despite this, the most vulnerable students in the country continue to be excluded from education, due to intersecting disadvantages such as poverty, social and gender norms and stigma.

Following a 6-month MBSSE-commissioned CGA study to identify the barriers preventing out of school children (OOSC) from accessing education in 2021, CGA Technologies developed a National OOSC Strategy as part of the Government’s commitment to radically transform education and make sure every child of school age, no matter their gender, economic status or ability, is in school and learning.

Country/Region: Sierra Leone
Dates/Duration: 2021 - 2022
Funded by: Irish Aid
Clients: Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Sierra Leone, UNICEF

Key Activities

We established a Steering Committee of key Ministries and donor partners to guide the development of the strategy, to provide specialised knowledge, and to take responsibility for the strategy after its development. We then held a series of workshops with key stakeholders from across government and civil society building on the foundation of the national study. 

During the workshops stakeholders discussed the key issues and recommendations, which were split into thematic groups, including social protection, children with disabilities, adolescent mothers, behaviour change, and child protection. The stakeholders identified specific interventions and approaches to address the key barriers, building the strategy’s actions.

Cross-government engagement in the development has ensured a holistic strategy that acknowledges the significant roles to be played across the country.


Consultations resulted in a Theory of Change and then a National OOSC Strategy, validated by partners across government. The development of the strategy led to a greater awareness of the issue, driving it to the top of the agenda. 


Prior to its launch, the OOSC Strategy triggered funding of $9m from Government of Qatar for its implementation.

The Out of School Children Strategy was officially launched by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary School Education (MBSSE) and UNICEF on 21 June 2022. View the launch presentation

Outputs and Resources

  • Sierra Leone Out of School Children Strategy 2022

    The final approved Out of School Children Strategy facilitated by CGA Technologies.

    Download the strategy