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Sierra Leone Teacher Management Information System (TMIS)

The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has contracted CGA Technologies and partners Fab Inc. to develop a Teachers Management Information System (TMIS) to strengthen teacher management, improve efficiencies and increase transparency and accountability in the teaching service.

The project is part of the Government of Sierra Leone’s ongoing efforts to improve the education system, teaching practices, and learning outcomes under the 2018 Free Quality Secondary Education (FQSE) policy.

Country/Region: Sierra Leone
Dates/Duration: 2022 - 2024
Funded by: World Bank
Clients: Sierra Leone Teaching Service Commission (TSC)

Key Activities

CGA Technologies will design and develop a secure web-based TMIS that will harmonise teacher data, enable timely access to it nationally, and process administrative action. This will directly improve workforce planning and deployment, Teacher Licencing Assessment, recruitment and complaints and arbitration.

Authorised users will be able to view, add and edit teacher data, update individual personnel records and teachers will be able to submit requests and forms against their profile. 

A secure AWS server will host a dataset of data disaggregated to individual level to analyse all data points and intersection (e.g. district, sex, age, attendance, qualifications).

Decision-makers will access user-friendly web-based dashboards for management, analysis and summary reports. Public-facing and teacher/ stakeholder-facing summaries will display view-only non-personal data.


Once the web-based TMIS and database are developed, CGA will provide extensive and tailored training aimed at building capacity and ownership among all TSC and teaching staff who will interact with it.


TSC’s processes in HR management will be less resource intensive, saving staff time, improving the sustainability of the system. This will result in HR requests from teachers nationally being actioned as required by the District staff, decentralising information.  


Functional areas: