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Institutional Capacity Assessment for Management Information Systems

The on-going World Bank-funded South Sudan Safety Net Project (SSSNP) supports government efforts to address vulnerabilities and strengthen national safety net systems, particularly through its Management Information System (MIS).

The MIS has been hosted by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) for the duration of SSSNP implementation. It will be handed back to the Government of South Sudan (GRSS) at the end of the project, assuming that necessary capacities and conditions in place are satisfactory to the World Bank.

Under this project, CGA is tasked with preparing the MIS handover to the South Sudan Ministry of Gender, Child, and Social Welfare (MGCSW), which holds the mandate to lead social protection activities in the country.

Country/Region: South Sudan
Dates/Duration: 2022 - 2022
Funded by: World Bank, Social Safety Net Project
Clients: Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare

The SSSNP MIS includes a database of 120,000 poor and vulnerable households (approximately 800,000 individuals). It is used to target and register beneficiaries, gather information on activity attendance and monitoring, process and verify payments, and document and process project-related grievances.

CGA is tasked to prepare for the MIS handover by carrying out an institutional capacity assessment for information systems management of the MGCSW and by developing a handover action plan to enable the successful handover of the SSSNP MIS.

CGA will document, share, and train MGCSW on experiences and lessons learned from this process, engaging with relevant stakeholders in South Sudan and other fragile contexts. It is expected that lessons learned will contribute to the experience base of institutional capacity building and systems strengthening in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

Expected Output

Successful handover of the Social Safety Net MIS to the Ministry, documented guide for handover and lessons learned, MIS framework, and full capacity assessment