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Digital Tracking System for Mass Distribution of Bed Nets

The Democratic Republic of the Congo accounted for 12 percent of global malaria cases and 11 percent of malaria deaths in 2018, according to the World Health Organisation’s 2019 World Malaria Report, making it the second-most affected country in the world. The Global Fund Mass Distribution Campaign implemented by IMA World Health aims to contribute to the elimination of malaria in DRC through the distribution of 8,652,079 long lasting insecticide treated bed nets to 2,895,607 households.

In support of our Corus International partners, CGA Technologies designed a digital tracking system to improve planning and supply chain efficiencies, and provide assurance that bed nets are delivered directly to beneficiaries.

Country/Region: Democratic Republic of Congo
Dates/Duration: 2022 - 2022
Funded by: Corus

CGA built a cost-effective and bandwidth-frugal digital bet net tracking system which uses barcode technology to address distribution and stock reporting challenges, and provide greater assurance in the bed net supply chain. 

The system tracks individual bed nets from initial receipt by IMA World Health to distribution region and beneficiary. It also provides real-time warehouse stock level reports, a breakdown of total nets available versus those distributed, and transportation documentation, and correlates logistics/transport data and distribution data.

The system uses an Android app with on- and off-line functionality, making it suitable for use in low-connectivity areas. After data is entered into the app, it synchronises to a secure website with a dashboard providing real-time stock and distribution data. The app is compatible with a low spec operating system used by the majority of phones in the Global South and those used by IMA teams in DRC. 

It was developed using code adapted from the Mountain Harvest Mwendo coffee tracking system written for sister Corus organisation, Ground Up Investing. Using pre-existing code enabled our developers build the system and roll it out at speed, while still ensuring it is fit for purpose. 


The digital bed net tracking system enables bed net movements to be faster, easier to record and harder to fake. It also makes data more widely available for analysis than previous paper-based inventory mechanisms. 


Functional areas: