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Strengthening Education Systems in Sierra Leone (SESSL), Teacher records MIS, HR manual

The Strengthening Education Systems in Sierra Leone (SESSiL) was a World Bank-funded programme working with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education (MTHE), and the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) to improve primary education delivery and learning, and improve access to secondary education.

Country/Region: Sierra Leone
Dates/Duration: 2019 - 2020
Funded by: EU
Clients: Sierra Leone Teaching Service Commission (TSC), PROMAN

Under the PROMAN-led programme, CGA was commissioned to support the transfer of management of the teaching workforce and payroll to the TSC through the development of an electronic Teacher Records Management System (TRM) We conducted extensive detailed analysis of teacher data and records, and developed a comprehensive methodology for scanning and digitising the paper files of approximately 30,000 teachers. We also edited and digitised the first HR Manual for Teachers and School Leaders in Sierra Leone


The TRM's development linked for the first time >30,000 newly digitised teacher records with payroll, enabling the TSC to review who is being paid and to create a deeper understanding of the teaching workforce nationwide. Furthermore, the TRM's accessibility to securely view online enables - for the first time - TSC managers at District-level to view teacher records in order to inform evidence-based decision-making.


Functional areas: