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HICAP Evaluation of Health Institution Capacity Assessment Tool (HICAP)

In 2013, Concern Worldwide (Malawi) implemented the Health Institution Capacity Assessment Process (HICAP), a participatory and capacity building approach that assists local governance structures to better address community health needs, particularly maternal and child health and nutrition.

Country/Region: Malawi
Dates/Duration: 2015 - 2015
Funded by: Concern Worldwide
Clients: Ministry of Health

As the application of the tool expanded to include Food, Income and Markets as well as the Health sector, Concern contracted CGA to conduct an evaluation and review the effectiveness, relevance, and sustainability of the HICAP process in strengthening health capacity and coordination at community level.

Our evaluation focused on district and community level health sector stakeholders and provided strategic recommendations to enhance the implementation of the process to ensure sustainable capacity building, inform the programme design and prepare for its handover to local government.


CGA developed a self-assessment tool, reported findings, and presented them to Concern and the Ministry to support health policy changes. Following our Health evaluation and recommendations, Concern requested CGA expand the survey to include Nutrition.

For more information visit: The Health Institution Capacity Assessment Process in Malawi - Evaluation

Outputs and Resources

  • Evaluation of the Health Institution Capacity Assessment Process (HICAP)

    A review of the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, accuracy and sustainability of the Health Institution Capacity Assessment Process (HICAP), a self-assessment tool based on the appreciative inquiry process.

    View the final report


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