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Ukraine Cash Programming Emergency Response

Conflict in Ukraine put millions of people in danger. Within months, more than 4.6 million fled to other countries and an estimated 6.5 million were internally displaced. Millions needed medical attention, food, water and basic sanitation. Corus International committed $7 million to respond to the crisis.

Under this funding, Corus earmarked $2 million in a combined programme with Lutheran World Federation (LWF) to provide emergency, multi-purpose cash for Ukrainian refugees in Poland for three months prior to their integration to the Polish social security system.

Drawing on expertise from across the Corus family, CGA Technologies supported the humanitarian response through the design and deployment of cash programming activities.

Country/Region: Ukraine
Dates/Duration: 2022 - 2022
Funded by: Corus, UNHCR, Diakoni


CGA Technologies supported a number of strands of the emergency cash transfers programme, including:

  • Contributing extensively to the detailed design and operational approach for the combined programming by LWF, which will support over 50,000 households with multi-purpose cash transfers across a three-month period. The programme is already paying out much needed support. 
  • Design of support to the Federation of Professional Unions (FPU), an all-Ukraine voluntary association of trade unions, of $1m to enable them to continue to welcome the most vulnerable Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) into their network of support centres;
  • Design of cash support complementing health and shelter interventions to IDPs and the most vulnerable in Poltava and Dnipro ‘transit corridor’ Oblasts, east of Kyiv. The design has been pitched to the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) as part of a consolidated Corus bid with International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), to support almost 7,000 highly vulnerable individuals with cash transfers for four months. 


  • Stakeholder consultations and field visits in Poland/Ukraine for IDP/refugee engagement; Financial Service Provider mapping; and general scoping activities including field visits to Lviv and Zakarpattia oblasts to engage with local partners and IDPs for light-touch Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) assessment.
  • Poland and Ukraine MPCA feasibility reports and existing systems mapping materials;
  • Poland and Ukraine cash programming design documents and support to Corus on approach design for additional non-UNHCR caseload of 6,000 households in Poland;
  • Membership of and continued learning within Poland / Ukraine Cash Working Groups ensuring direct bilateral coordination with UN and INGO MPCA actors. 
  • Rolling technical support to the Corus response, including development and training/rollout of KOBO tool for rapid health assessments in Ukraine led by CGA.

Outputs and Resources

  • Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance vs Foster Care, Disability and Other Protection Considerations in Multi-stakeholder Environment, Ukraine Refugee Response in Poland

    A short research paper by Ania Paradowska, Natalia Warcholak, Tomasz Esden-Tempski on strategic linkages between localised cash response, protection and social protection in Poland offers medium dive into the subject matter. The methodology involved both desk-based analysis, visits and interviews as part of a qualitative survey focused on the response in the City of Gdansk and a smaller centre – Ostroda. We offer a series of five hypotheses in the background to the study which undergird our thinking as well as some observations on the challenges of aligning humanitarian aid with social protection.

    Read the paper


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