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Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP) - Lot 2 - Rebuilding the SCTP Management Information System (MIS)

The SCTP, funded by KfW and the EU and led by the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare (MoGCDSW), aims to reduce poverty and hunger, and increase school enrolment. It is designed to provide bi-monthly unconditional cash transfers to more than 300,000 households categorised as poor, severely impoverished and labour constrained.

Country/Region: Malawi
Dates/Duration: 2020 - 2023
Funded by: KfW
Clients: Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare

The SCTP’s operations are supported by a Management Information System (MIS), for which KfW and MoGDSW have contracted CGA to maintain and upgrade the SCTP MIS.

The existing MIS was created to support the operations of the original SCTP operations. As the programme has grown, new modules have incrementally been added to the MIS to support new operational needs. This has resulted in a system that may have all functions required to support the current SCTP operations, but may not be efficient.

As such, MoGDSW and KfW aim to review the SCTP MIS to build a digital platform that can not only support current SCTP operations efficiently, but that can also be flexible and suited for potential horizontal and vertical expansion of the programme. The aim is for the SCTP MIS to become a digital platform for a wide array of social protection programmes that can address the needs of the most vulnerable people in Malawi.

The main outputs of the programme are: Maintenance reports for the existing SCTP MIS to ensure operations are run smoothly; Functional specifications for each upgraded modules; Alpha and Beta versions, as well as test reports and revisions, of the upgraded modules.

The SCTP MIS is linked through, the SCTP website, which CGA developed and built. It includes a much-improved integrated GRM and Case Management module, integrating with a call centre operation, and offering facility to provide one-stop GRM for wide range of Social Protection programmes.

As of August 2021, the national targeting policy approach agreed, with a transition to categorical targeting, to a national Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) approach. The MIS now has real time indicators showing we’re reaching over 300,000 households. The programme targets 10% of households.