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CGA Products

Harnessing digital innovations to unleash the value of data and drive evidence-based decisions.

Our clients work in dynamic and complex environments. They need robust flexible systems that enable them to understand what is happening on the ground and respond efficiently at speed. We help them achieve this by combining our scalable and highly adaptive digital data solutions and in-depth expertise.

Our data systems support:  

  • Data-driven decisions: collect and analyse near real-time disaggregate (individual) data and make informed decisions at all levels for programme and system improvement and resource allocation 
  • Adaptive programming: use data to continually learn and adapt programming to achieve greater impact
  • Accountability: improve system transparency and integrity 
  • Ease of use: Our tools are user friendly, allowing clients to easily collect, use, manage, analyse and share data 
  • Links to other data sets. 

How we work:    

  • We work closely with clients to understand their context and shape our systems to meet their needs.  
  • We prioritise system sustainability by: 
    • supporting our clients to develop policies, processes and procedures that       embed our systems into their ways of working, and  
    • providing in-depth implementation and training support.

Corus3D: Programme delivery and data management system

Corus3D (Data-Driven Decisions) is a comprehensive programme delivery and data management digital platform. This unique system enables two traditionally separate functions – programme delivery and MEAL – to be implemented within one integrated system. It is a powerful tool that places data at the heart of programme delivery, and enables the development and humanitarian sector to revolutionise the way they deliver programmes and achieve impact at scale. 

Download our Corus3D information sheet 


HereMIS: Enrolment and Attendance Tracking System

HereMIS is an education enrolment and attendance monitoring system used to collect and analyse previously unknown, accurate, and near real-time learner and teacher data to enable data-led decisions and continuous targeted education improvements.  

HereMIS has significant growth opportunities, including tracking school career progression and exam results, linking to Out of School Children tracking and support programming and education attendance cash transfers.

Download our HereMIS information sheet

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