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Third Party Monitoring Services for the Somalia Multi-Partner Fund

The Somalia Multi-Partner Fund (MPF), established by the World Bank, is a central component of Somalia's external development assistance framework. The MPF aims to provide a platform to coordinate financing that contributes to the sustainable reconstruction and development of Somalia, with a focus on rebuilding core state functions. The MPF's main financing modality is through Somali institutions at federal and sub-national or regional levels, and it finances two main categories of activities: recurrent cost financing for non-security expenditures and government investment projects for institution building and socioeconomic recovery.

Country/Region: Somalia
Dates/Duration: 2021 - 2023
Funded by: World Bank
Clients: Abyrint

CGA is supporting Abyrint, the Monitoring Agent to the World Bank-established Multi-Partner Fund (MPF) in Somalia, in providing third party monitoring, assurance, and advisory support to ensure that MPF funds engaged by Somali authorities are being used according to the MPF grant agreements.

The MPF is a platform for coordinating financing to support Somalia’s sustainable reconstruction and development, focusing on core state functions and socio-economic recovery.

As the Monitoring Agent, Abyrint’s responsibilities include monitoring of costs claimed for financing, engaging with government officials on findings and issues, and reporting to the World Bank on findings and systems’ performance.

CGA is harnessing its experience in leveraging tech, both for payroll processes as well as monitoring, to support this process, particularly as additional monitoring support is needed for an expanding MPF portfolio, including new health, education, and social protection operations. 


Functional areas: