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Linking Ukrainian citizens to urgent cash support

Within weeks of the onset of conflict in Ukraine, international humanitarian organisations and donor governments raised millions in aid to support refugees via cash assistance, totalling over $1billion within the last year.

Ukrainian citizens could register to receive cash assistance through E-dopomoga - - (There is Help!), the Ukraine Ministry of Social Policy’s (MoSP) digital one-stop-shop for those affected by war. But the system had no way of efficiently and safely sharing their data with international partners to link them to cash support.

Learning from providing CASH Assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Corus and CGA Technologies identified the need for technical support within the Ministry, and used appeal funding to build an interface to automate the onboarding of international partners to E-dopomoga and provide associated technical assistance.

Country/Region: Ukraine
Dates/Duration: 2022 - 2023
Funded by: Corus
Clients: Ukraine Ministry of Social Protection


Under the project, CGA Technologies:

  • Designed, developed and operationalised additional functionality of e-dopomoga via a digital interface to link international partners with citizens.
  • Supported the Ministry of Social Protection (MoSP) to engage international partners to increase the volume of cash assistance and improve its integration.



CGA Technologies built new functionality for partners on aid.e-dopomoga through a dedicated Digital Partner Interface (DPI).

The test system went live in December 2022 and enables international partners to select, bid for and securely receive caseload. Partners registered in the system have secure access to 13M potential Ukrainian citizens in need of support, each verified via E-Dopomoga and its connection to the MoSPs social registry (UISSS). The dedicated interface has made the process of registering new partners quicker and easier, and improved targeting by enabling partners to match applicants to funding requirements.

Specifically, the interface: 

  • Saves time: Partners register online and are able to sign an MOU with MoSP, significantly reducing registration burden and time. A process which took months can be completed within hours.
  • Resolves consent and data protection challenges: The site gains data sharing consent from citizens as they apply, the MOU with partners protects ensures a common approach to data protection.
  • Improves targeting: Partners can filter applicant data by social/vulnerability category and geography to enable targeting and to match funding requirements.
  • Speeds up payment: Partners have secure access to 13m potential beneficiaries pre-verified via MoSP social protection registers, with tax IDs and payment details already recorded. 
  • Simplifies reporting: Interface for partners to report back smoothly on payments and data changes.

Alongside the interface, CGA provided assistance on coordination both between MoSP and international partners and within the CASH sector:

  • Closely engaged with Cash Working Group (CWG) and its Task Teams, sharing knowledge, improving coordination, and demystifying digital environment.
  • Bilateral engagements with UN Agencies and INGO consortiums to plan and develop the Digital Partner Interface: understanding their willingness to use the data, driving coordination and increasing volume and efficiency of CASH transfers.
  • Bridging back to MoSP on sensitive issues around targeting and social protection to improve understanding of humanitarian response.  
  • Mapping of CASH actors and MPCA trends produced with a series of recommendations to improve sector response.
  • Support to Cash Collaborative Delivery Network and smaller scale international partners, including those supporting local Ukrainian Partners


Outputs and Resources

  • International eDopomoga: a guide to using the new Digital Partner Interface

    A short video introducing the new Digital Partner Interface to International Partners seeking to provide CASH assistance with Ukrainian citizens providing guidance on how to use the new interface and it's features.

    Watch video here