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Strengthening Social Protection Systems in South Sudan

In this World Bank-funded project, CGA Technologies led research to inform and strengthen the Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) of the Social Safety Net programme in South Sudan. It’s aim was to promote inclusion and equity in the implementation and roll-out of social protections as part of the Safety Net and Skills Development Project (SNSDP).

Country/Region: South Sudan
Dates/Duration: 2019
Funded by: World Bank

Under this project, CGA delivered two components:

1,  An evaluation of the working of the GRM and provided recommendations for strengthening the active inclusion of vulnerable and marginalised groups (VMGs). 

2, A Global Literature Review on how GRMs could be enhanced to better identify, mitigate, and address risks to VMGs in Social Protection delivery systems and public works activities in other similar countries in the region and globally. See our Global Literature Review project page for more information on this component.

Both components informed comprehensive reporting including detailed practical recommendations to inform its design.




Functional areas: