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Eliminating Exploitative Child Labor through Education and Livelihoods (EXCEL), Cambodia - Child Labour Monitoring Information System

Significant numbers of children in Cambodia are vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, neglect and other forms of violence. In 2013, World Vision Cambodia sought to improve its child labour and protection monitoring system to ensure its Protection and Participation programmes reached those most at risk and measure programme effectiveness.

To support this, CGA developed a bespoke Management Information System to monitor beneficiary and household data. The tool enabled on and off-line data collection via mobile devices, which synchronised to an online database. We provided training to World Vision Cambodia staff on the tool, for ongoing management and use of systems.

Country/Region: Cambodia
Dates/Duration: 2013 - 2014
Funded by: USDOL
Clients: World Vision US

CGA was brought in to develop a bespoke Child Labour Monitoring Information System. The tool monitors beneficiary and household data using a synchronised database suitable for a low-connectivity environment.


Oct 2020: The EXCEL project has reached more than 26,700 children so far, providing direct support to them and their families, working both to support education and improve family livelihood for the long term; 11% of households are already showing an increase in household assets after 1 year of active implementation.