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Enhanced GBV Prevention, Risk Mitigation and Response through Social Safety Nets

The World Bank-funded, UNOPS-implemented South Sudan Safety Net Project (SSSNP) provides vital cash transfers, training and support to vulnerable populations, including women. Directing cash transfers to women ensures women and girls can access and benefit from social protection support. As a result, women are becoming increasingly prioritised, which also can expose them to increased risk, such as acting as an exacerbating factor for gender-based violence (GBV).

The World Bank contracted CGA Technologies to analyse measures to mitigate GBV risk in cash transfers, and prevent and respond to GBV incidents, develop a framework for safe and secure reporting of GBV incidents and establish a digital GBV referral service. The results of this work will provide learning for other development interventions supported by the World Bank and its partners in South Sudan.

Country/Region: South Sudan
Dates/Duration: 2021 - 2022
Funded by: World Bank
Clients: World Bank

Key Activities

Under this project, CGA Technologies is:

  • Supporting the Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS) to develop a framework of a national GBV Helpline for SSNs; and a helpline for the safe and secure reporting of GBV incidents.
  • Establishing a user-friendly online database and dashboard of GBV referral services on the World Bank’s web portal for the World Bank’s social protection team to support the provision of technical assistance to implementing agencies of future Bank-funded social protection projects. The database will be appropriate to the South Sudan context characterised by limited IT and other infrastructure.


In addition developing a framework and establishing a reporting database, CGA will provide:

  • Recommendations on gender-sensitive alternative channels for support of victims and survivors of GBV
  • GBV training for frontline safety-net implementers and master trainers engaged in grievance redress
  • An adapted Pocket Guide for Non-GBV Actors for SSN
  • A GRM prototype and app integration with database and dashboard
  • Leadership and support to the World Bank on SSN and GBV learning and knowledge sharing events.