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Evidence on the role of Cash and Voucher Assistance for Education in Emergencies

CGA conducted research on the role of cash and voucher assistance (CVA) in addressing the particular barriers to education in emergencies (EiE) faced by girls and children with disabilities (CWD) globally. The report considered the impact of CVA and various complementary supply-side interventions on both access and quality education programming and provided a series of recommendations both on ‘what works’ and on specific programmatic design.

Country/Region: Global
Dates/Duration: 2020 - 2021
Funded by: World Vision, Global Education Cluster

Outputs and Resources

  • Final Report: The Role of Cash and Voucher Assistance in Increasing Equity and Inclusion for Girls and Children with Disabilities in Education in Emergencies

    The evidence shows that CVA interventions integrated with wider EiE programming are highly effective in addressing a range of supply-side and demand-side barriers to improve the equity and inclusion of girls and CWDs in education in emergencies. In addition to employing an integrated approach with complementary EiE sectoral interventions, humanitarian organisations should work across sectors to meet the needs of marginalised children and their families holistically...

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