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Corus 3D Monitoring Platform

CGA Technologies is developing a comprehensive global data management and analysis platform for the Corus International family. The 3D Monitoring Platform will be used to compile and manage multiple datasets from across Corus for improved analysis, with the aim of supporting the design of needs-based holistic programming to achieve impact at scale. Beyond monitoring and evaluation, 3D is a project implementation tool: enabling field officers to conduct their work using the 3D app and the project to be managed using the 3D site and dashboards.

Country/Region: Global
Dates/Duration: 2021 - Ongoing
Funded by: Corus
Clients: Corus


The objective of 3D is to bring Corus participant, project and programme data together under one roof to enable: 

  • Holistic programme development: by tracking participants across multiple projects and interventions we can design and deliver programmes that work together across sectors to address multiple needs and create greater impact.
  • Streamlined data handling: Saving time and resources across the Corus family
  • Improved analytics in M&E: By collecting data under a unified data structure, Corus will be able to analyse macroscopic data at global, country, programme and project levels.
  • Security: Bringing all Corus M&E data under a unified and secure system with rigorous user permissions and data storage protocol.
  • Integrated Mobile Data Collection: 3D has an Android app to support integrated mobile data collection and enable project activities to be fed directly into the system as they are conducted.  


The structure of the 3D system CGA Technologies is building consists of:  

  1. Database: a secure cloud-hosted database for receiving, verifying and storing system data;
  2. Website: a secure user-friendly website built around dynamic dashboards to view key indicators and guide decision-making; reflecting real-time data immediately and automatically.
  3. Mobile App: an associated offline/online mobile app for field users to collect data, which is verified/cleaned in real-time, then submitted to the system when online.