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Our people

Malidadi Langa

Malidadi Langa is a development professional and public policy specialist whose career spans over 20 years of pro-poor development planning and management at both macro and meso levels. He has extensive experience in local government and decentralised rural development focusing on integrated multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary settings across education, health, water and sanitation, natural resource management, agricultural, and social protection.  

Malidadi has a passion for policy analysis and integrated multidisciplinary policy approaches to poverty reduction programming and has worked with, and for, the poor in Malawi and internationally (Zambia, South Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia). He currently serves as Senior Technical Advisor (Macro/Social Policy) with CGA Technologies; the co-managers of the Social Cash Transfer Program under a KfW contract.

Malidadi holds a Master’s degree in Economics.